Hi, I’m Sofie, Oemi is my companion. For as lons as I can remember, we’ve had one or more dogs at home. Liska and Tosca were my two best friends in my teens: they were both German shepherds we got from the shelter. In those days I was a thin skinny girl, but I had no trouble to go walking or running with them, as preparation for the school running contests. I don’t remember them pulling, they often walked free and came back when I called them. So that’s where my love for shepherd dogs is born, I think.

I got my very own first dog for my 18th birthday: a papillon. A friend of mine had a litter and initially she wanted to keep the pup herself, but he needed a family where he didn’t have to share the attention with other dogs. So that’s when she asked me if I didn’t want him. Yes of course! He was a mini shepherd dog in disguise, with a lot of lust for working: he went running with me, did obedience and eventually he was a very good agility dog. In almost every contest we competed, he had a first place. Sadly, I had to let him go when he was 7 years old because of heartdisease and epilepsy. After that, I didn’t want a dog for a couple of years, partially because it was very difficult to combine with my job. 

In 2013, I met Yolande and it was big love from the beginning. After a few months, Yo asked me to marry her. Some said it was soon, but we felt we were old enough to know when you feel good with a person. Shortly after we were married and lived in Menen, she asked me if I didn’t want a dog. Her condition was that it had to be a large dog. I immediately went searching for a breed that I thought would fit me. At first I wanted a white Swiss shepherd dog, preferably long coated. Next thing was to find a good breeder, not always that simple. I ended up with Jeldou Boorsma in Friesland. She breeds white Swiss shepherds as well as (old type) German shepherds. At that time she expected a litter of black German Shepherd pups, no white ones. There was still place on the list. Okay for me, it was a shepherd dog! On february 19th, 2015, Oemi and her brothers and sisters were born. Pup yellow immediately had my preference and she confirmed that on the first day we went to visit: she came directly to me and went sleeping between my feet. I fell for her.. And I was lucky enough that pup yellow, Oemayra, was designated to me for which I’m still very grateful to Jeldou!

It wasn’t my intention to start breeding with Oemi, but from one thing comes another.. I work as a night supervisor with youngsters from youth care so I have a lot of time during the day to keep me busy with the dogs. A few years ago, I studied animal care by distance education. I had very good grades, but I stopped early because of my very busy agenda at that time. But by doing this, my love of animals only grew. So the choice to become a dog breeder wasn’t difficult: I have a good education, the time to do it, a super dog and most importantly: a beautiful wife who supports me in this!


Hi, my name is Yolande, married to Sofie. I’m born in june 1977. My parents are both professional musicians, opera singers, doing it easy (because a musician never really retires). They taught me my first steps in the world of music. Later, after high school, I studied music. Although I don’t practice the profession, I’m still passionately involved with music in different orchestra.

My experience with dogs isn’t that extensive as that of Sofie. Also because I don’t remember very much about the first dog in my life, exept his name, Sultan. What I know of him, is what my parents told me so I was very young at the time Sultan was part of our household. In our family, there were two uncles who were proud owners of Irish setters and labradors. That’s how I kept in touch with dogs.
I had my very own dog Tommy at a later age. He was a cross between a German wire-haired pointer and a labrador, two types of hunting dogs. That resulted in a very sweet but oh so active dog. Because of circumstances I had to give up Tommy but I know he has found a loving home in Limburg. And now I have a dog of my own again, Orfeo, brother of Oemi. I already had my share of difficulties with him because Orfeo has through a lot with his first owners. But together, we pull through and we love to hike and do sports. At last, I started training to do canicross and bikejöring in competition. So in the future you could definitely expect some movies on this site and perhaps someday some good results :)

Last year, one of my greatest dreams came true: a puppy from one of my favourite breeds: a german shorthaired pointer! Even better would have been a German wirehaired pointer, but the shorthaired is THE breed for doing bikejöring.

Our kennel name

We’ve had trouble finding a kennel name, especially 5 as Sint-Hubertus required in their application forms. So we did some brainstorming with Orfeo’s name because we wanted to use that so he also has his input in our kennel, although he can’t have any puppies.
Eventually, Yo has come up with the idea of combining all of our names: Land (Yolande) of (Sofie) Rashah (Oemayra and Shahzad) Orfay (Orfeo and Oemayra). I thought it was an original idea so we used this as our first choice. Sint-Hubertus agreed with this, but unfortunately  they made ‘Rashan’ in stead of ‘Rashah’. It couldn’t be changed anymore. Now we’re lucky to have a puppy whose name begins with N: Nemo :)