Nemo du Nid aux Nobles

Breed: German pointer
Coat: shorthaired
Color: liver and white ticked
Size: 68 cm

Parents: Blo de la Haille au Loup and Italie du Nid aux Nobles
Date of birth: 18th of march 2017
Pedigree number: follows

Nenmo isn’t used for breeding

Smek-smek-smak-smak.. O hi, I didn’t see you there. I was way too busy trying to make air look tasty. 

What did you say? How I’m called? Ow sorry, forgot. My name is Nemo and I come from Romania.

I was busy with digging up the plants when mum told me that I was going to move to Belgium.. Jippie! On adventure in Belgium. One small detail my mum forgot to tell me: I had to fly! And with all those noisy dogs in the plane.. and I had to pee..

After hours and hours, I finally could come out of my box. I was a little shy but my new boss comforted me soon enough. But then there came something terrible!! A big angry black monster, blaf blaf waf waf.. I was terrified. Luckily it improved very fast. I kept using my sweet face and now we are the best of palls, allthough lately a little less because of brother his back pain. 

Why I came to Belgium? Not for the good weather, that’s for sure. I’m a cold fish..

My boss wants to do bikejöring and Oemi, big sis, doesn’t run fast enough for her. So all her hope is with me.. First I will have to stop messing around. And I can’t jump there! Apparently it doesn’t belong in that sport. So I jump over brother and sister and do ‘cannonball’ in the pool. You can ask my new best friend, big sis, how well I can do that..

Have I already told you that I have another little friend? It’s grey and I like to wash it :) a wash cat.. Hehehe.

My little speckle sister isn’t coming yet… Wheeeii.. And I know why. You don’t, don’t you? Boss has big plans. She’s going back to school. In Rijkevorsel, for god’s sake! Thanks to Orfeo and a workshop where I was guinea pig, she’s very interested in ’Shiatsu for dogs’. And in march, she’s starting. I was allowed to come for the basics and it was sooo much like heaven! Relaxing.. Although I’ll have to share the lessons with Oemi and ‘white pants’ Waiya, but I don’t mind.
With Waiya, I have a worthy replacement for my speckle sister that isn’t coming. 

Well, I will go on with my favorite pastime, being a couch potato :)

Photogallery Nemo

He smelled something

One of his first days with us

Together on watch

Here, Orfeo was still bigger

He likes to cuddle

Together with Yolande

One of his first canicross competitions

Going camping

On camping

Shaking the sand out of his skin

Posing for the camera

At Cap Gris Nez

His morning ritual

Going for a swim

With Oemi

Camping together


Why sitting in the grass when you have a soft pillow at your disposal..

Jump over Ada

Cuddle with me and Shahzad ( al little jealous of the cat)

Sleeping with the cats

Snow fun with Oemi