Oemayra Chien de la Prolingée aka Oemi

Breed: German shepherd
Coat: long coat
Color: black, carrier of liver. Oemi is dominant black, so she can give ‘smoke’ to her pups
Size: 63 cm

Parents: Awedistra’s Jaïrha and Gila’s Born in the USA
Date of birth: 19th of February 2015
Pedigree number: LOSH 1159297

ED 0
DM: N/DM (carrier)
Dwarfism gene: N/N

Test in sociability achieved in August 2016
Breeding license from Sint-Hubertus and LSOHV

Show result:
1st Excellent and BOB at the Christmas show in Landen december 2016 

Canicross/bikejöring results:
3rd place in the canirun at Kortenberg september 2017
2nd place in the canirun at Peizegem march 2018
Vice Belgium Champion in the short canicross april 2018
2nd place in the short canicross at Arleux (international competition) May 2018
3rd place in ‘La ronde des Misérables’ at Montreuil september 2018


Wraff, wraff, wraff, my name is Oemayra, but I prefer Oemi, and I’m born on February 19th 2015. I have two sisters and three brothers, of which one of them lives with me, Orfeo.
They told me I have fairly unknown bloodlines for Europe: my daddy Ross is liver colored and comes from America. My mommy Jaïrha is of a beautiful black and comes from England. Now she lives in the Netherlands, way up in the cold north of Groningen.

I did a little obedience training in my young years but I really didn’t like it. ‘You can quit doing that, boss.’ I had to wait so long.. Boss figured out that I’m more of an action girl so she sought another hobby. She found it in tracking. I had to search for humans and that was a lot of fun because I could run free :) But at one moment I smelled something really interesting.. I saw a white butt jumping away before my very nose and I had to know what that was… Deer!! Cool :) Bye bye boss, I’m going on an adventure. Boss wasn’t very happy with that because I wasn’t allowed anymore in training.. But no harm done, I found an even better hobby, but later more about that.

Have I told you that I really like other dogs? No? Well, now you know :p Only when my brother is with me, I like to make a lot of noise. I have to defend him, you know :) But I’m getting tired of it, also because boss is a little mad with me then. 

When we go for a walk, I’m not allowed to run free anymore because I hunt too much. Boring.. But when I may run free, I love to greet people really enthusiastic and that’s also not allowed. Boehoe :( Boss says not everybody likes that. I like it, so humans too. No? Owkaaaaay...

Suddenly the bosses came home and said: “Meet Shahzad”.. Who’s that? Oi, little, grey, doesn’t bark but meows.. No, a kitten!! At first, I didn’t like it, but now we are the best of friends (most of the times and when he’s not in my dinner bowl). As long as I don’t see cats on the street, I hate those.

A little while ago, the bosses were gone for a long time and when they came home, we had to jump in the car immediately. Pff, not even a decent hello. Then came the cat out of the bag!! They’ve taken in a speckled pig!! What, no pig? Why doesn’t it bark? Oh, they don’t all do that. A quiet one in the house :) Nemo. I had to raise him to behave better because he doesn’t like to wash himself, always jumps on top of me, wants to take my toys.. But he is so adorable that I can’t keep saying no. Boss thinks I’m too good for him but I don’t think so. He’s my buddy, especially since Orfeo isn’t here anymore..

Oh yeah, I have to tell you about my new hobby. Canicross and bikejöring. Run, run, ruuuuun!!! I like it so much that I pulled boss a few meters while she was lying on the ground at the Belgian Championships. Oeps.. :p But we were rewarded with a second place.
Meanwhile, I started doing bikejöring again with my own boss. The first time I was so happy to go biking with her again that I jumped in her arms.
And that, together with my kids, made sure that I became a super cuddly dog :)

Pedigree and health tests of Oemi

Pedigree part 1

Pedigree part 2

Breeding license Sint-Hubertus

Breeding license LSOHV




Photogallery Oemi

Oemi a few weeks old

Oemi at 8 weeks

Her first day with us

Socializing, going to a running competition

One of her favorite poses

Looking at the horses in the distance

Playing with big brother

Mountain goat in Austria

Doing SAR

Oemi and Orfeo in the garden

Oemi loves the water

Playing tag with Orfeo

Canicross with Yolande

They became 2nd at Belgian Championships

Oemi and Nemo, two great friends

The thinker


Bikejöring with me

Playing in the snow, so much fun!

Cuddling with me

Doing a workshop shiatsu together