Orfeo Chien de la Prolingée

Breed: German shepherd
Coat: stockcoat
Color: black with white chest patch
Size: 68 cm

Parents: Awedistra’s Jaïrha and Gila’s Born in the USA
Date of birth: 19th of february 2015 - died 1st of october 2018
Pedigree number: LOSH 1159295

Since we don’t breed with Orfeo but he has a rather active lifestyle, we took sports pictures of his hips and elbows. They looked fine, no problems to see. 
He’s neutered.

Woefwoefwoef, my name is Orfeo and I’m Oemayra’s brother. Lassie may know who in Rintintinsname has named her like that but I call her Oemi. I don’t live as long as my sister in Menen. After they took me away from my mommy, I went to two owners who didn’t like me that much. My mommy’s owner came to get me then. There, I could play and walk a lot until they came to pick me up again. I got a really weird boss, she had almost no hair.. By then I was about 6,5 months old. Third time, good time!!

After a few days, I realized that that energetic black mongrel was my sister, Oemi. But I didn’t think that that redheaded thing was very nice. She always ran away and I didn’t like that. After a while, our bosses (Oemi’s and mine) decided to rehome Zagora (what’s in a name..). Me happy!! Finally peace and quiet.

I began to feel better and my mommy’s owner noticed that too when it was reunion with our litter. There I saw back my mommy, but also my other brothers and sister (Billie, my second sister, couldn’t be there sadly enough).
That year we had a marvelous vacation in Austria. By then I was big and more than one year old. My sister and I could play and run a lot, mountain up, mountain down and back up again.. So much fun!!

Meanwhile, I was allowed with the Vlaamse Reddingshonden (SAR), searching for humans. So fun to do! Afther a while I started to get bored. Sis couldn’t participate anymore so I lost my drive. So they decided I needed a new hobby. Pff do I have to? Ok then, for boss.

Hey, what’s that? Nice, pulling boss. What do you say? Canicross? Who finds those weird names.. but ok I think it’s jippie fun! My first canicross I had to wear a muzzle.. Not fun so I was really good behaved and I didn’t bark at the other dogs :)

Even more fun!! With the bike, go go go!! I couldn’t do that for very long. The second time I was a little lazy. So it was back to running. Hey who are you? Nick? O, you are my new running buddy. I like you, you stay so calm.

What do I do to fill my days? I want to play with the cat but I’m still a little bit rough. But that will come, I’m sure. But wait, last year I got a new playmate, Nemo! At first I was a little hesitant, but now we are inseparable :) When sis is not in the mood to play, I can always go to Nemo. 
I will be a good uncle and try to be a little less frustrated towards other animals but I can’t promise anything. 

Woefeloe and see you soon!

Goodbye, I see you but you don’t see me. My bosses gave me the most fantastic month in my life and decided to give me my 'forever sleep’. I had too much pain and my body couldn’t go on anymore. I’m in dog heaven now and I keep an eye on Nemo and Oemi. I’m happy here, no pain, although I miss my brother and sister and my bosses. And I have seen that they miss me too.
See you again brother, sis, bosses, Nick, Magali. I’m watching over you all..

Yolande made a beautiful video with the best pictures of Orfeo after his death..