O you heard me. My name is Shahzad, it means ‘prince in Arabic. And I behave like a prince :)

I came with my new bosses, or rather staff, when I was very little. To sensitize me with ‘the Beast’. Who is ‘the Beast’? Well Orfeo of course. He wasn’t very happy with my coming. Barking and whining.. He wanted to play but he’s such a brute and I’m afraid to use my nails. Luckily I have Oemi who defends me a lot but sometimes she joins Orfeo and that’s not fun. I have to admit that sometimes I ask for it, because I want to play too!! Between us, Orfeo is a bully but with a tiny heart :)

Some time ago another of those barking things joined the staff. One with speckles. He has strange ears: they hang :) He’s cute. He washes me regularly and calls me the wash cat.. 

O before I forget, Oemi became so fat suddenly and then she had 9 kids.. soooo coooool!! And I kept teasing  them at night, hehehe! The bosses weren’t very happy with all that whining, but I didn’t care about that.

Since we moved, I can mess around a lot more, especially at night. So much running, nice food (when they forget to put the meat for the dogs in the fridge) and scaring the bosses when they have to pee at night. Allthough that doesn’t work anymore, they are used to it.

My favorite pastime? I have a lot: sitting at the back door and enjoying the view, twisting around on my scratching post and ofcourse sleeping a lot.

So that was it for now. Purr you!!

Photogallery Shahzad

Cuddling together

Watching with Oemi how the bath water flows away..

Lap cat

His favorite place